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Fast shutter door - workshop workshop for special purpose
  • Fast shutter door - workshop workshop for special purpose
  • Fast shutter door - workshop workshop for special purpose

Fast shutter door - workshop workshop for special purpose

Shanghai jingpeng workshop fast door, high-speed door, specially designed for the space narrow logistics channel, the built-in motor does not occupy the installation space, meets the special venue needs. The curtain is made up of lighter fabric and aluminum wind rib, which can improve speed, safety and reliability, convenient access, anti-insect and dustproof.

   rapid rolling door series - workshop special quick roll door

Note: this door is suitable for door holes 6 metres wide. If the

 door hole vents are large, you can wear several aluminum alloy ducts.

【 composition 】

This product is metal baking paint, industrial base cloth, aluminum alloy anti-wind tendon, controller and motor.

【 properties 】

This product is for the workshop door of the workshop entrance and exit heat preservation, quick roll door frame, optional cold rolling paint, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The color of industrial base cloth can be red, yellow, blue, green, gray, white, color, {such as yellow thick 0.8 thick}.

[adaptation range]

1. Workshop, workshop, supermarket, hospital, garage import and export

This product is applicable to the door air isolation, the entry and exit heat preservation, insects, windshield, cleaning workshop, the dust control index in the workshop requirements high, confidentiality high, no outsiders to enter the inner space. The wind oversize proposal USES metal or aluminum alloy door board. A place with a large odor

For the paint room, garbage room, the smell of minerals is very large, dust and smell. To make the opposite, these places are used for a long time. It is recommended to install two or three interlinked defense, and there will be a significant improvement.


1. Outside control box: power indicator, shutter ascending key, shutter drop key, automatic manual conversion key, shutter stop button, switch box lock and service phone address.

2. The control box is usually used in: switch power, inverter, PLC, contact, fuse, terminal, 110 volt and transformer.

1. Adjusting the curtain up and down: [limit debugging attention, setting the limit, and then the upper limit, not to be dropped during the rise of the fixed upper limit]

1. Set the left lock to 1. The x7 on the PLC is not bright. When x7 is not bright, switch the x7 and 24 links with the wire and turn off the switch

2. Open the emergency stop {x5 indicator light} and press the upper and lower buttons to see if the installation machine part is normal. When rising, the "yo" light indicates that the encoder A, B, and phase are correct. Otherwise you change A and B.

3, press the down button, determine the lower limit position, need to find when the lower limit of a {see y1 light for work state} at the same time, hold down the stop button {x5 indicator}, manual automatic reverse button {x6 let its lights flashing}, the location for the lower limit.

4, loosen the stop button {} the x5 light destroy, press the up button {not according to the down button}, to find the right limit position, manual automatic reverse button {x6 let its lights flashing} the location for the ceiling.

5. After debugging, switch the small switch to 0ff {that is, x7 on the PLC, and the end of the limit debugging.

6. If the drape is moved by ascending or descending, if it does not move that change A and B, repeat 1-5 steps. Note that when the upper limit is adjusted, the upper limit is set in the middle, in case the A and B of the encoder are connected to the other side, and the roller is in the roller. If there is an abnormal holding, stop it.

7, such as debugging doesn't work, turn off the switch, we call the 400-820-3520 [make sure to confirm before debugging control box model, our company is according to the customer demand custom control system programming, model has a lot of. See user's manual carefully debugging or contact with our company.

Beijing peng jlksm-76p075 workshop special door type

...; Characteristics of Beijing peng rapid door material:

1 frame material: the frame material is 2.0mm thick steel plate steel structure, folding edge processing and high quality baking paint spraying process, the color can be chosen. Aluminum alloy high strength oxidation treatment or stainless steel 304 door frame.

2: curtain material: high density industrial base cloth, 0.8-1.2 mm thick, color can be optional.

Technical parameters

Tensile strength {radial \ zonal} 3900N / 5cm. DIN53354

Tear strength radial/weft 550/500.n.d IN53363

Using temperature - 30 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃;

Fire level French standard NF - p92-503 or German standard M2DIN4102B1

Transparent Windows with rectangles or ellipses, increasing safety management.

3: opening and closing speed; Open the 0.6-1.6 speed adjustable.

4: dynamic performance: German SEW, motor, three-phase 380V or 220,50hz, IP55, power of 0.750-3.0kw.

5. Control system: inverter, PIC control.

6. Anti-wind materials; Aluminium alloy series link, detachable.

7 transparent Windows; PVC transparent soft board. Thickness 1.5mm rectangle or elliptical selection.

8; Using temperature; - 30 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃;

9. Fire level; Meet the requirements of B1 level in accordance with article 5.1 of GB8624.

Sealing performance; There are elastic PVC industrial base cloth, which can be closely combined with various uneven ground to meet the sealing standard. The door post is equipped with a seal brush to reduce the noise and dustproof effect.

11. Safety performance; Infrared photoelectric protection, warning light

12. Control mode; The company can provide a variety of manual or automatic control systems for customers to meet the requirements of opening or closing.

13 - control box; Control box outside with power indicator, open, close, emergency stop, manual \ automatic switch button. Selection of radar, geomagnetic and manual selection. The control box has frequency converter, PIC terminal wire series.

Infrared protection; Infrared detection is available on both sides of the door. When the curtain falls through the door, the curtain will automatically rise back to the opening. When the curtain is closed, the object will touch the photoelectric roller to rise automatically.

15 head cover internal structure; The main rotating shaft in the fast shutter door leads the curtain to operate. The two sides bearing, side board link bearing and wall fixed link, motor split side, encoder driver mode is convenient.

16 rapid shutter door use; Rapid shutter door main workshop inside and outside air rapid isolation of flow, keep the air quality clean and clean in the workshop. Heat preservation, sound insulation, windproof, moisture proof and odor protection are the best. Can prevent clean workshop from outside the function.

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