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  Shanghai Jingpeng door industry was established in 2004, located in Putuo District of Shanghai Guolang Road, No. 415 International Huasheng Industrial Zone, is the true North Road Qilian Mountain Road, Central transit hub to the production of fast shutter doors mainly high-tech enterprises, the company strength Strong, the products sell well all over the country, the company has a number of senior management personnel, engineering and technical personnel, sales personnel, and gradually formed a huge scientific research, production, sales and service system. Over the years the company always adhere to: science and technology as the basis, to the quality of life and service to ensure that customer satisfaction for the purpose, and strive to open up the market, fast door main control system; magnetic ring radar remote control photoelectric rope manual interlock. Wansheng fast door with imported motor and spare parts, with a smooth, fast, safe, sealed, no noise, dust, noise, to prevent indoor and outdoor air convection, improve the workshop environment and health, long life and other characteristics of modern factories, Warehousing logistics preferred products. Widely used in food, electronics, cigarettes, adhesive products, textile, printing, packaging, refrigeration environment, automotive assembly, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery, logistics, plastics, cotton textile, automobile, shopping malls, warehousing, Entry and exit sites and other fields, with its distinctive design, designed for different types of customers tailor-made. Product integration into the country, serve the country, expand the national market strategy for the development of enterprises, the products are exported to Canada, the United States, South Korea, Yemen and other countries.

  Product quality is the cornerstone of the market, is the key to win the trust of the user, the company since its inception will be in strict accordance with national standards for the implementation of quality management and process control, in pursuit of excellence management philosophy under the guidance of continuous innovation, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction. Is willing to make unremitting efforts for the sustainable development of customers.

The company will always uphold innovation is fundamental, the quality of life, pragmatic is the purpose of efficiency is the goal of the business philosophy, to achieve sustainable development, in the professional and international road, keep making progress ...