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Professional fast shutter doors manufacturers to provide a good fast shutter doors

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  After the 21st century, the living standards of our people generally improved, with the rich materials, the people of the demand for goods more and more harsh, fast shutter doors get people's attention, we are a professional fast shutter doors manufacturers, welcome to buy The

  In addition to the functions of insulation, cold storage, pest control, windbreak, dustproof, noiseproof, fireproof, anti-odor, lighting and other functions, it is more effective in saving energy and reducing noise. And air convection, reduce the invasion of dust particles, maintain cleanliness and improve work efficiency. Suitable for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries and other environmental use. Fast shutter doors, selection of international famous products spare parts, improve the reliable electrical control system, . The use of multi-stage variable frequency speed control operation technology, flexible variable speed start, speed up the operation, flexible closing, eliminating the open and close the impact of noise, effective long curtain life of the fast shutter doors quality performance are good, but the price is surprisingly high , In the final analysis, fast shutter doors will not directly generate economic benefits, is nothing more than the role of rapid isolation. Jingpeng door industry in the R & D, design, production, sales, installation in one of the technology-based enterprises, the products sell well throughout the country, some of the icing on the cake of the unnecessary configuration all removed to retain the key must be part. Reliable quality, stable performance, safe and practical, low-cost fast shutter doors in line with China's national conditions. The shutter door is separated from the wall by the action of the curtain, the base plate, the guide rail, the bearing, the reel, the box, the control box, the rolling door machine, the stopper, the lintel, the manual quick release switch, And insurance devices and other 13 parts, generally installed in the inconvenience to use the wall separated parts. Beijing Red Sunrise Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Rolling shutter for commercial facade, garage, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines and other public places or residential. Especially the larger openings, inconvenience to install the ground door of the place to play a convenient, fast opening effect. Such as for garage doors, shopping malls fire shutter doors, hangar doors and so on. To achieve the purpose of manually pulling the shutter 2. Electric shutter. With a special motor to drive the central axis of the roller rotation, according to the open form is divided into 1. manual shutter. With the balance of the torsion spring on the central axis of the shutter. To reach the shutter switch, when the motor to set the upper and lower limits set automatically stop. Rolling shutter special motor are: external volume door machine, Australian-style rolling door machine, tubular roll door machine, fire shutter machine, inorganic double curtain door machine, fast shutter doors and so on. According to the installation of the form is divided into walls, the wall side (or hole, inside the hole) two, according to the installation of the wall into the wall, the wall side of the wall Species

  Our company is a professional fast shutter doors manufacturers, adhering to the 'integrity to win respect, quality cast the market' business philosophy, continuous innovation and unremitting efforts for customers to create win-win business opportunities for the community to create valuable wealth, with our sincere and service to work with you To create a more brilliant future.