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Automatic rolling door market to promote the development of the industry

Source : Shanghai JingpengClicks : Loading ... Issuing Time : 2017-06-02 09:35:46

  Automatic rolling door market norms work well, the industry can be healthy, solid, comprehensive development, in order to better serve the community. On the current status quo, the market is not standardized, to fake and shoddy products to fish and cans of the machine, good not fragrant, bad not smelly, harm the consumer, but also damage the whole industry image.

  To do a good job in the market norms, we should give full play to all levels of associations, industry backbone enterprises two enthusiasm, do three aspects of the work:

  1, first of all have a specific charter, that is, there must be a specific basis for regulating the market, the automatic rolling door industry regulations must be introduced, we are now in Beijing automatic rolling door enterprises to actively participate in the drafting of national standards Preparation work.

  2, automatic rolling door business itself should be self-examination, the user should be fully transparent offer and production, good business, successful enterprises are produced according to law, according to the law of the model, in the regulation of the regulations, To take the lead in the role of automatic rolling doors enterprises can lead the industry-wide progress, but also to illegal action to be effectively stopped.

  3, is the automatic rolling door business to self-building things, and improve the status of the minds of consumers, brand building is also very important today, not much to say, on the automatic rolling door business rules, there are imperfect Of the place, according to the specific requirements of consumers to further improve.