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Jingpeng door industry for you to talk about the industrial quick volume door can not lift the reason

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Jingpeng door industry for you to talk about the industrial quick volume door can not lift the reason

With the advantages of low carbon, environmental protection and convenient use, the industrial quick roll door can replace the traditional industrial door and be quickly popularized in the industrial field. However, sometimes the quick winding door will fail to rise or fall, which will bring adverse impact on the production of customers. Therefore, when the high-speed door cannot be opened or closed, it must be checked and solved in time. Below, the small surface of Beijing peng to analyze the rapid rolling door can not lift the cause.

There are two types of fault, mechanical fault and control system fault when the fast rolling shutter door is found to be unable to close.

1. Inspection and troubleshooting of mechanical failure: we should focus on the guide rail of door body operation to check whether there are foreign matters and impurities in the track. If it is found, it should be cleaned immediately. Second, check whether the rolling curtain is running inclined and stuck in the track.

2. Check and troubleshoot control system failures: first check whether the emergency stop button of the button switch is pressed. If the stop button did not start, please break the power supply first, then pass on the power supply, listen carefully whether the motor brake in electricity from time to tome noise, if did not hear the noise, and please check whether control brake relay in the small green permanent bright, did drive screen flashing, please records show that the parameter value, if there is a flash in a timely manner to communicate with my company technical support. Next, check the setting of the delay opening and closing time of the quick shutter door. If the delay opening and closing time exceeds the set delay, the door body is still not up or down, and adjust the delay setting. Test whether the photoelectric protection is effective and whether there are moving objects in the radar sensing area. Check whether the ground sense controller is normal. If the green light length of the controller is on, the manual/automatic switch cannot be used here. Here, press the reset button on the ground sense controller for more than 5 seconds. If the green light is still on after reset, it indicates that the ground inductor is abnormal. It is necessary to check whether there is a corresponding volume of iron around the ground inductor.

Remove the iron object to eliminate the fault. If it is found to be red, it indicates a fault. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the infrared position of the fast door until the green light is on. If it's green, it's normal.

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