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Application of automatic door safety protection products:

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Application of automatic door safety protection products:

The product consists of a pair of transmitting, receiving eyes and the main controller. The utility model is mainly used for the auxiliary function of safety clamp (person or object) of various translation automatic doors, electric expansion doors and automatic rolling gates. Can accurately and reliably detect through people or things, to the automatic door to provide a stop closed and open door signals, so as to avoid the automatic door clip people and objects safety hazard events. Biggest feature: long distance (up to 10 m).

Overall features:

1. Adopt microcomputer control technology, high system integration and strong stability.

2. International general optical lens design with good focusing, reasonable controlled Angle and convenient installation.

3. Adopt microcomputer receiving filtering, decoding and amplification system to effectively solve the problem of resisting natural sunlight interference.

4. The emitter head adopts low-power and high-pulse emission technology, with long transmission distance, energy saving and long lens life; With single or two groups of transceiver lens separate connection input, the connection is well shielded, which can control one beam of light or two beams of light. After the trigger of light blocking, the output contact signal can flexibly adjust the contact delay time.