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How to enhance the wind resistance of the stacked door

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How to enhance the wind resistance of the stacked door

Large anti-wind flexible stacked door is a new generation of quick winding door product developed by jingpeng rapid rolling door manufacturer. In the inland areas of northwest China, there are many windy and sandstorm weather, and the coastal areas, especially the islands around the sea, are prone to typhoon strong convection weather. Based on the demands of customers in these areas, the research and development team of jingpeng specially adds the high-strength wind-resistant stacking door with wind-resistant design.

In the past, the gate of the factory was mainly used for left-right double-open push-pull translation door. The simple gap making of the door body and the track under the door was large and easy to be filled with garbage. The manual push and pull of the manual door body was heavy and laborious. Although the later ordinary rolling shutter door has electric device, but the drawback is that the door body load small resistance to the wind performance is poor, which further affects to bring inconvenience to users. The flexible stacked door with strong wind resistance emerges at the right moment.

Jing peng wind resistance of flexible pile door shutter is made of high strength galvanized sheet cold rolled a forming, firm structure, free major, left and right side of the track there is wind resistance design, even in high winds, shade plate will not slip out of the guide rail, with sealing strip at the bottom of the aluminum alloy or 304 stainless steel rail, high wind resistance strength of bar rolling, prevent moisture, dust, thus reducing the possibility of corrosion resistance to the typhoon, pry proof, waterproof, moistureproof, noise, thermal insulation, heat preservation, prevent bask in, prevent sand characteristics, is applicable to any industrial building field.

Advantages and disadvantages of large flexible wind-resistant stacking doors: strong wind resistance and wind-pressure strength of about 800Pa, anti-theft, dustproof and noise; Easy to install, web won't get stuck. Electric, manual, remote control, photoelectric, radar, geomagnetic and other open modes; According to the site construction environment, external and internal installation can be adopted to make full use of the space above the doorway. It is especially suitable for sites with complicated slopes or environments that are difficult to install. The downside is high production costs. The rolling curtain material has color steel plate, galvanized sheet or stainless steel sheet, the rise and fall speed is slow, every minute about 2--9 meters can adjust.

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