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Jing peng small make up for you to talk about hard roller gate and fast soft curtain door similarities and differences

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Jing peng small make up for you to talk about hard roller gate and fast soft curtain door similarities and differences

Hard roll gate and fast soft curtain door are a kind of industrial door, the distinction of two kinds of door is quite big, basically be the weight of door body, the material of roll curtain, run speed, standard configuration, drive device, design concept and control system.

1. Door body material: the rolling curtain of quick soft curtain door is generally made of high density industrial coating base cloth, PVC soft board and imitation leather. The door body is lighter. It's fast. And the hard rolled gate chooses galvanization steel plate, galvanization color steel plate, aluminium alloy plate, stainless steel plate to make shade sheet, door body is bulky, rise and fall speed is slow.

2. Power performance: the hard roller gate triggers the motor to run through the button switch, with no speed regulation and frequency conversion device, high noise and low safety factor. While the fast soft curtain door adopts the integral device of high frequency motor and reducer, the high frequency motor can make the rolling curtain rise and fall rapidly, the encoder can control the limit height accurately, the frequency converter can adjust the speed, high safety coefficient, safe and stable, reliable and durable.

3. Running speed: the lifting speed of hard rolling gate is slow, 3-5 meters per minute, and the speed is not adjustable. The opening and closing speed of soft curtain door is 0.5m/s-2.5m/s, which can be adjusted.

4. Different open and close trigger devices: the shutter is usually a button switch or a remote control. The device is relatively unitary. Soft curtain door has button switch, photoelectric switch, radar, geomagnetic, remote control, card reader, manual pull rope and other ways.

5. Safety device: there is almost no safety device in the roller shutter, and the safety coefficient is low. The soft curtain door has a variety of safety devices, such as photoelectric switch, geomagnetic field, safety grating, radar, airbag and so on.

Gate general price is not high, fire prevention theft, it is manual commonly, soft curtain door does not guard against theft fire generally, because energy-saving environmental protection, the price is higher. The shutter is applicable to commercial facade, residence, private garage, market, hospital, factory and mining enterprises, etc. Soft curtain door focuses on the logistics channel. The interior of the plant, workshop isolation, food, electronics, printing and other places with high environmental requirements.

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