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What is the use of installing a secure contact base on a quick door

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What is the use of installing a secure contact base on a quick door

Security contact bottom mounted on fast door is what, in fact, safety contact bottom is a safety device, rapid doors installed in the bottom of the door leaf, when the doors in the process of decline, at the bottom of the door leaf, when in contact with obstacles safety contact bottom air is compressed to form pressure start signal switch, control system control doors immediately stop or run up, in order to ensure the safety of the pedestrians or vehicles.

Safety contact bottom side is one of the standard configuration of jingpeng rapid door, divided into two categories: wired and wireless.

Wireless security contact bottom is mainly used for industrial upgrade door, jing peng straps improve wireless security door bottom edge device at the bottom of the ascending body contact, inner envelope - the gas relay, wireless transmitter set beside with airbags - gas sensitive relay connections, wireless transmitter and wireless receiver inside control box for wireless connection, it will adopt the way of remote control instruction signal transmission control system, so as to complete the protection of the hydrodynamic control, completely solve the hidden trouble in security helix. It has the features of convenient installation, strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivity, accurate control, safety and reliability.

The connection line of the air bag box should be connected to the GND end of the PLC connection terminal of the control box. In the absence of the connection of the GND connection terminal, attention should be paid to connecting the COM line to the G point. If the connection is wrong, the pressure tube air bag can not receive the signal when the door body of the fast rolling curtain is touched on the ground. Functional testing is required after installation.

Security contact bottom function test process is as follows: first, power control box is opened, closed abrupt stop switch, air receiver control panel to learn key press the light is a signal receiver, and then press the gasbag pressure hose receiver lights flash memory successfully several times, repeated pressure air pressure hose, press one receiver lights, signal connection is successful. Finally, the emergency stop switch was turned on to press the bushing pressure rubber tube door body and the test was successful.

Elimination of the failure of safe contact with the bottom side: if the control box fails to accept the airbag signal during testing and use, check the battery in the transmitter, check whether the battery is exhausted and need to be replaced, and check whether the pressure hose is damaged or leaking. Repair or replace any damaged or leaking air.

Please pay attention to or consult jingpeng door industry for more technical issues of safe contact with the bottom edge. Enquiry hotline: 400-820-3520