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Quick door inverter maintenance [ 09-25 17:28 ]
The service life of jingpeng rapid door is not only the quality aspect, the daily correct use and maintenance is also very important.
China's rapid door market strong development prospects analysis of the main points of elaboration [ 09-19 17:42 ]
Global fast door manufacturers are trying to develop in China, China is the world's largest fast door manufacturing center and the largest sales market, fast door industry development prospects. Domestic and overseas rapid door industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, Europe and the United States global fast door manufacturers are trying to develop in China
automatic roll door [ 09-19 17:37 ]
In today's most storefront is used automatic roll door, because automatic roll door is used safety and convenient. The company's rapid automatic door roll, deeply loved by customers.
The role of automatic door winding [ 09-19 17:30 ]
When a lot of shop and manufacturer are decorated, be thinking to choose what kind of door is safe good again. I'll recommend the automatic door roll. The emergence of automatic door coiling not only reduces the cost of energy used by enterprises, but also contributes to environmental protection and the responsible use of precious raw materials.
Automatic door volume market to promote industry development [ 09-19 17:21 ]
The automatic volume door market standard work has done well, the industry can be healthy, stable, all-round development, can better serve the society. As far as the current situation is concerned, the market is not standard, giving fake and inferior products an opportunity to be mixed with fake and inferior products.
Application of automatic door safety protection products: [ 09-19 13:24 ]
The product consists of a pair of transmitting, receiving eyes and the main controller. The utility model is mainly used for the auxiliary function of safety clamp (person or object) of various translation automatic doors, electric expansion doors and automatic rolling gates. Can accurately and reliably detect through people or things, to the automatic door to provide a stop closed and open door signals, so as to avoid the automatic door clip people and objects safety hazard events. Biggest feature: long distance (up to 10 m).
Jing peng small make up for you to talk about hard roller gate and fast soft curtain door similarities and differences [ 09-18 15:46 ]
Hard roll gate and fast soft curtain door are a kind of industrial door, the distinction of two kinds of door is quite big, basically be the weight of door body, the material of roll curtain, run speed, standard configuration, drive device, design concept and control system.
What is the use of installing a secure contact base on a quick door [ 09-17 16:46 ]
ecurity contact bottom mounted on fast door is what, in fact, safety contact bottom is a safety device, rapid doors installed in the bottom of the door leaf, in order to ensure the safety of the pedestrians or vehicles.
What door is good to install in modern industrial factory [ 09-17 15:49 ]
As human beings enter the 21st century, low carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation and green has become the theme of economic development .Jingpeng high speed soft curtain doorbecoming the first choice of modern industrial plant door.
The performance characteristic of the garage door of jing peng and market development prospect [ 09-17 15:42 ]
Jingpeng garage door is a kind of automatic quick door used in underground garage or parking lot. According to the material of the door body, it can be divided into color steel garage door and rolling curtain garage door. The editor shares its features and market prospects.
For jing peng transparent soft curtain thumb up [ 09-14 15:10 ]
For jing peng transparent soft curtain thumb up. Why? Jingpeng transparent soft door curtain is another flagship product of Shanghai jingpeng rapid door manufacturer, with high quality and low price, many styles and varieties. Jing peng xiaoxiao today on the detailed introduction of the jing peng transparent soft curtain specific circumstances.
ingpeng four-door interlock linkage fast door successfully applied to box horse fresh supermarket [ 09-14 14:58 ]
Shanghai jingpeng interlock quick rolling curtain door, automatic rolling curtain door, electric rolling curtain door is two, three or more door locks linkage dustproof insulation partition door. One door raises another door closes, another raised linkage door after passing. Shanghai box horse fresh rolling door is one of the successful cases of jingpeng linkage rapid door.
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